About us

Gymboree Collection Tale:


When Gymboree- Vintage founder Pam Surinsirirat had her first child, she spent weekends

shopping for unique Gymboree finds. She found herself snatching up great pieces that

weren’t necessarily her children size, but that she couldn’t pass up. Year and year pass by

she had a room full of amazing clothes and accessories. So, she decided to start an online shop.

She increased her inventory to feed their customers’ hunger for retro clothing, selling vintage-inspired items

from Gymboree, as well as continuing to provide shoppers with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Today,

Gymboree- Vintage has grown into a children clothing business, yet the small-business feel remains.

Pan can still be found out on the road finding the most unique pieces possible for Gymboree- Vintage Shoppers,

and she’s still encouraging mom everywhere to dress up their children style!

Note: Gymboree-vintage.com is not affiliated with the Gymboree Corporation.

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